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Indian Spitz Dog: Price, Lifespan, Care And Feeding Guide

Have you ever gone for a nice walk in your neighbourhood and seen a cute little fluffy dog strolling happily with its owner? If you have, then you might have met the lovely Indian Spitz breed.

These dogs look like foxes and are friendly, which is why many people in India like having them as pets. But there’s a bunch more cool stuff to learn about these dogs!

This article provides in-depth information about Indian Spitz dogs, covering their price, lifespan, and how to care for them. Whether you’re considering getting one for your family or want to learn more about this popular Dog breed, join us as we research what it’s like to live with and care for an Indian Spitz.

Let’s talk about the special needs of Indian Spitz dogs and how we can create the perfect environment for them to thrive in. So, get yourself a cup of tea and let’s explore the world of these adorable furry companions together. Are you ready to dive into the world of Indian Spitz dogs?

In the heart of home, a Spitz’s love blooms, like a sun-kissed garden in full bloom.


Origin Of Indian Spitz Dog

Origin Of Indian Spitz Dog

Despite its name, the Indian Spitz dog is not originally from India. Rather, it has its roots in the Pomeranian region of Europe. During the British colonial period, Pomeranians were brought to India and were bred with local Indian dogs, resulting in the development of the Indian Spitz as we know it today. 

The Indian Spitz is similar in appearance to its Pomeranian ancestors, but it is larger and has a thicker coat. Over time, these dogs have adapted to the Indian climate and environment, thriving as popular companion animals in households nationwide.

Despite its relatively recent history compared to other breeds, the Indian Spitz has gained popularity in India steadily. Nowadays, it is recognized as a distinct breed, and dog lovers appreciate it for its friendly nature, intelligence, and adaptability to various living conditions.

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Indian Spitz Lifespan In India

Indian Spitz dogs typically live for around 10 to 14 years in India. Genetics, diet, exercise, and healthcare practices impact how long they live.

To keep them healthy and extend their lifespan, owners should provide them with proper nutrition, regular exercise, routine vet check-ups, and a supportive environment.

Early detection and treatment of health issues are vital in enhancing dogs’ overall health and lifespan. Indian Spitz dogs, despite being a smaller breed, are known for their ability to adapt and thrive in various Indian climates and lifestyles.

Indian Spitz dogs can live long, active, and fulfilling lives with proper care and attention. They make great companions and can bring families joy for years.

Indian Spitz Price in India

If you want an Indian Spitz dog in India, a few things can change the price. How old the dog is, where it comes from, and how good the breeder is can all make a difference. If you look around carefully, you can find a cute dog that matches what you can spend by doing your homework.

Accroding to Dog Breedo A small puppy may cost around Rs. 4,000, while a fully grown dog of two years could range from Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 8,000. Suppose you are looking for a dog from an experienced and reputable seller who invests in developing dogs with balanced temperaments.

Here’s the price of Indian Spitz dogs

AgePrice Range (INR)
PuppyRs. 4,000
Adult (2 yrs)Rs. 6,000 – Rs. 8,000

If so, you might have to pay a higher price. Such sellers take extra precautions in breeding and raising the dogs, which is reflected in the cost.

The dog’s health, vaccinations, and registration papers may influence the price. But don’t worry; you can find a healthy and well-adjusted Indian Spitz companion by doing a thorough research and ensuring you purchase from a trustworthy source.

So, go ahead and confidently bring home your furry friend, knowing that you’ve researched and found the perfect companion that will bring joy to your life.

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Types of Indian Spitz And Their Appearance

Types of Indian Spitz And Their Appearance

Indian Spitz dogs come in two sizes: toy-sized and standard-sized. They share certain physical characteristics but differ in size. Below are detailed descriptions of each type.

Toy-sized Indian Spitz

These adorable dogs tend to be on the smaller side, usually standing between 8 to 12 inches tall. Despite their petite size, they boast a sturdy build and a compact body. 

They have small, upright ears, a face that resembles a fox with a pointed snout, and expressive dark eyes. These dogs are blessed with a thick and fluffy coat and often sport a distinctive mane-like ruff around their neck and a plumed tail that curls over their back.

Standard-sized Indian Spitz

The Indian Spitz breed has two sizes: the smaller one is around 9 to 10 inches tall, and the bigger one measures approximately 12 to 18 inches at the shoulder. 

The larger breed has a proportional body with moderate bone structure and looks confident and energetic. Its face resembles that of a fox, with small erect ears, and it has a thick, double-layered coat with different colour variations, such as cream, white, or brown. These dogs are friendly and lively and make good companions and watchdogs.

Indian Spitz Dogs Feeding Guide

Before we discuss what to feed an Indian Spitz dog, it’s important to understand how important a good diet is for keeping them healthy and full of energy. 

Like any other kind of dog, Indian Spitz needs food that provides them with everything they need to grow, stay active, and stay healthy. 

Giving them the right food keeps them in good shape, helps them avoid getting too fat, and helps them live longer. So, let’s consider what’s important to include in a feeding plan for Indian Spitz dogs.

Feeding an Indian Spitz dog properly ensures their health and well-being. Here’s a feeding guide for Indian Spitz dogs:

High-Quality Dog Food: Choose a good commercial dog food for small to medium-sized breeds. Look for foods with real meat listed first in the ingredients, and avoid foods with lots of fillers or fake stuff added in. That way, you’ll give your Indian Spitz dog the best chance to stay healthy and happy.

Proper Portion Control: Indian Spitz dogs are prone to obesity if overfed, so providing them with the appropriate portion sizes is crucial. Follow the feeding guidelines provided on the dog food packaging based on your dog’s age, weight, and activity level.

Regular Feeding Schedule: Establish a consistent feeding schedule by offering meals simultaneously daily. Most adult Indian Spitz dogs thrive on two meals daily, while puppies may require three to four smaller meals spread throughout the day.

Monitor Weight and Body Condition: Monitor your Indian Spitz dog’s weight and body condition to ensure a healthy physique. Adjust food portions as needed to prevent underfeeding or overfeeding.

Fresh Water Access: Your Indian Spitz dog should always have access to clean water throughout the day to stay hydrated.

Healthy Treats: Sometimes give your Indian Spitz dog healthy treats like bits of fruits or veggies or special dog treats when they’re good. But don’t give them human food from your plate or stuff high in calories because it might upset their tummy or make them gain too much weight.

Consult with a Veterinarian: If you’re unsure about your Indian Spitz dog’s dietary needs or if they have any specific health concerns, consult with a veterinarian for personalized feeding recommendations.

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Indian Spitz Dogs Care Requirments

It’s crucial to understand how essential it is to properly care for Indian Spitz dogs. They’re not just pets but an important part of our families that needs love, attention, and care.

Taking care of them means more than just providing food and water. It’s about building a strong bond based on trust and respect. We’ll explore what’s necessary to keep these furry friends healthy and happy.

Caring for an Indian Spitz dog means ensuring they have everything they need to stay healthy and happy. Here are some important things to remember:

Regular Exercise: Indian Spitz dogs are naturally full of energy, so it’s important to ensure they get enough exercise. Try taking them for walks daily, playing with them, or doing fun activities together to keep them active and ensure they stay at a good weight.

Grooming: Indian Spitz dogs’ thick fur needs regular care to prevent tangles. Brush their coats a few times weekly to remove loose fur and dirt. Bathe them now and then if necessary. Also, remember to trim their nails, clean their ears, and brush their teeth often to keep them clean and healthy.

Socialization: When your Indian Spitz dog is young, make sure it meets many different people, animals, and places so it grows up friendly and comfortable in various situations. This early socializing helps prevent them from acting aggressive or scared around new things later on.

Training: Indian Spitz dogs are smart and like making you happy, so they’re pretty simple to teach. 

Spend time teaching them basic stuff like sitting, staying, and coming when called and how to walk nicely on a leash. 

They respond well to being rewarded with treats and praise when they do something right, so use that to help train them.

Veterinary Care: Take your Indian Spitz dog to the vet regularly to ensure its health and catch any problems early. Keep up with its shots, protect it from fleas and ticks, and follow the vet’s advice on controlling parasites.

Nutritious Diet: Give your Indian Spitz dog food that’s good for them based on their age, weight, and activity level.

You can pick a good commercial dog food or make meals at home with help from a vet who knows about pet nutrition.

Always make sure they have clean water to drink whenever they need it.

Safe Environment: Make sure your Indian Spitz dog has a safe place to be, both inside and outside. Keep harmful stuff out of their reach and ensure they have a cosy spot to chill and sleep.


The Indian Spitz is a popular dog breed in India, known for its charm, intelligence, and friendly nature. This guide contains all the essential information you need to know about owning an Indian Spitz. We cover their origin, life expectancy, dietary needs, and tips to help keep them healthy and well-groomed. If you’re considering getting an Indian Spitz, this guide is a great place to start.

When you look after an Indian Spitz, you start on a rewarding journey full of love, fun times, and great memories. Giving them good food, plenty of exercise, vet check-ups, and chances to meet others will help you both have a happy and close bond.

As we conclude this exploration of Indian Spitz dogs, let us remember the joy they bring into our lives and the unwavering loyalty they offer as trusted companions. Their presence enriches our lives in countless ways, leaving an indelible mark on our hearts for years. If you’re looking for a charming, intelligent, and loyal companion, look no further than the Indian Spitz.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Indian Spitz a good pet?

Indian Spitz is generally considered a good pet due to its friendly and loyal nature. It is a suitable companion for families and individuals alike.

Are Indian Spitz and Pomeranian the same?

Indian Spitz and Pomeranian are similar in appearance but are distinct breeds with some differences in size, temperament, and origin. While both breeds share a resemblance, they have unique characteristics.

What are the disadvantages of Indian Spitz?

Indian Spitz dogs might have downsides, like barking a lot if they’re not trained well or kept busy, needing regular grooming to stop their fur from tangling, and facing common health problems among this breed.

Does Indian Spitz bark a lot?

Indian Spitz dogs might bark more than usual, especially if they’re not trained properly or feel bored or anxious. Teaching them well and letting them meet other dogs and people can help reduce excessive barking.

Which is the cheapest dog in India?

The cheapest dog in India can vary depending on factors such as breed, location, and breeder. However, some common breeds known for being relatively affordable include Indian Pariah dogs and mixed-breed dogs adopted from shelters or rescue organizations.

Is Indian Spitz aggressive?

Indian Spitz dogs aren’t naturally mean, but like any dog, each one is different. Any aggressive behaviour can be managed with the right training, meeting others, and a loving home.

Is Spitz high maintenance?

Indian Spitz dogs need regular grooming, exercise, and care, which puts them in the middle when it comes to maintenance compared to other breeds. Their fluffy coat needs brushing often to stop it from tangling, and they love being around people and having things to keep their brains busy.

Can we leave Indian Spitz alone?

While Indian Spitz dogs enjoy human companionship and thrive in a social environment, they should not be left alone for extended periods. Like all dogs, they require interaction, exercise, and mental stimulation to prevent boredom and loneliness. If left alone for too long, they may develop behavioural issues such as excessive barking or destructive behaviour.

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