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7 Unique King Snakes in Texas: Identification & Images 

Do You Know What is King Snakes? Why do people call Them King Snakes? Are You Confused or Seeking to Know?  We will Clear Your Confusion through Article 7, king snakes in Texas: Identification Details & Images. So sit back & relax while Reading this Article.

Texas is a state in the South Central region of the United States. The area of Texas is 268,596 square miles (695,660 km2), with more than 30 million residents in 2023. However, Texas is a Big State in the USA, and It’s Very Famous For being one of The Biggest Wild Life in the World.

In my Recent research, I Found 7 Species of King Snakes in Texas. They are Not Water snakes. In this article, I’m Going to Introduce animal lovers, and I am Covering every detail related to them, such as Images, Dimensions, Feed, How to Identify, Behavior, Dangers for Humans or Not, Life span, & More. 

What is King Snakes?

The Group of Snakes That Are non-venomous & Famous For Their Attitude & Body Shape. King Snakes are different from other common snakes because they are Never Harmful to Humans, though they haven’t bitten & spread poison to the human Body. They are known for their unique characteristics and eat the other snakes as Feed. That’s why people call them King Snakes.

Apart from other regions, we Can Find Most. of the King Snakes in Texas. Based on Recent Research, & King Snakes are Unique in Texas, so I started writing this article to introduce them to my Readers. 

Identification & details of 7 Unique King Snakes in Texas

Though we specify the 7 King Snakes in Texas, they are Unique & almost New For You. I believe You didn’t Know Much about them. These kinds of Snakes are not harmful to Human Beings, but this is essential that You can Identify them & don’t try to Kill them. They won’t bite you.  

In the realm of serpents, the king snake reigns supreme, a majestic ruler armed with elegance and power, an embodiment of harmony and strength

Nikesh Bisural (Admin)

1. Eastern Kingsnake 

Eastern Kingsnake , King snakes in Texas

Eastern Kingsnake is Usually found in the Eastern United States. I found this Unique King snakes in Texas State. It’s scientific name is Lampropeltis getula getula. This Types of King snake are Not Harmful To Human because it’s non-venomous.

The Eastern Kingsnake has a shiny black body with a yellow or white band across its back. The majority of Eastern Kingsnakes are as long as 4 feet. Rodents, birds, and other snakes are Its Food. They Live in 12-20 years lifespan in the wild.

  • Name: Eastern Kingsnake
  • Species: Lampropeltis getula getula
  • Dimensions: Length up to 4 feet
  • Food: Rodents, birds, other snakes
  • Origin: Eastern United States
  • Behavior: Usually seen near water sources.
  • Famous for: Immunity to venomous snake bites & they can mimic the colors of coral snakes.
  • Breeding Season: Spring to early summer.
  • Lifespan: 12-20 years in the wild.
  • Dangerous or Not: Not dangerous to humans.

2 .Speckled Kingsnake

Speckled Kingsnake

The Speckled Kingsnake is usually seen in trees; the Scientific Name of the King snake is Lampropeltis getula holbrooki. This harmless Snake is native to the Southeastern United States. The appearance of this Snake is a black or dark brown body with small, scattered white or yellow spots.

This Snake is 4 feet long, and small mammals, birds, eggs, and other reptiles are its Food. This non-venomous Snake is Famous for its Tree Climbing ability & they play a vital role in controlling venomous snakes.  

  • Name: Speckled Kingsnake
  • Species: Lampropeltis getula holbrooki
  • Dimensions: Length up to 4 feet
  • Food: Small mammals, birds, eggs, reptiles.
  • Origin: Southeastern United States
  • Behavior: Non-venomous, docile, known for climbing trees.
  • Famous for: Effective predator of venomous snakes.
  • Breeding Season: Spring to early summer.
  • Lifespan: 15 years in the wild.
  • Dangerous or Not: Not dangerous to humans.

3. Prairie Kingsnake

Prairie Kingsnake

The Prairie Kingsnake is 3rd in our 7 Unique King Snakes in Texas List. This King Snake is Famous for its Excellent Climbing Ability. The origin of This King Snakes is the Central United States.

Prairie Kingsnakes have light-colored bodies with dark brown or reddish-brown blotches running down their backs. The Length of this Snake is up to 3.5 feet. It Doesn’t Harm Humans. You don’t need to be afraid of it. It eats the venomous snakes to save other animals.

  • Name: Prairie Kingsnake
  • Species: Lampropeltis calligaster
  • Dimensions: Length up to 3.5 feet
  • Food: Rodents, small reptiles, birds, eggs.
  • Origin: Central United States
  • Behavior: Excellent burrower and climber.
  • Breeding Season: Spring to early summer.
  • Famous for: Light temperament and unique banding pattern.
  • Lifespan: 8-10 years in the wild.
  • Dangerous or Not: Not dangerous to humans.

4.Mexican Black Kingsnake

Mexican Black Kingsnake

Mexican Black Kingsnake is a Nocturnal snake usually seen at Night. The Scientific Name of This snake is Lampropeltis getula nigrita. They are traditionally Great swimmers.

That’s why they are commonly seen in the Water source in Texas. The origin of these Snakes is Mexico, and the southwestern U.S. Mexican Black Kingsnakes have jet-black bodies with little to no visible patterns.

  • Name: Mexican Black Kingsnake 
  • Species: Lampropeltis getula nigrita 
  • Dimensions: Length up to 4 feet 
  • Food: Lizards, rodents, birds, eggs. 
  • Origin: Mexico and the southwestern U.S. 
  • Behavior: Nocturnal, secretive, and excellent swimmer. 
  • Breeding Season: Spring to early summer. 
  • Famous for: Attractive black color and gentle nature. 
  • Lifespan: 20-25 years in the wild. 
  • Dangerous or Not: Not dangerous to humans.

5. Scarlet Kingsnake

Scarlet Kingsnake

The Scarlet Kingsnake is 5th in my King Snakes in Texas List. This Lampropeltis elapsoides Species King Snake is the Samllest length snake on my List.

This Kingsnake grows up to 2 Feet in length & Famous for Similar colored venomous coral that mimics snakes as Non-venomous snakes are not harmful to Humans. The lifespan of this species is 6 to 8 years & usually lives secretly in the wild. 

  • Name: Scarlet Kingsnake
  • Species: Lampropeltis elapsoides
  • Dimensions: Length up to 2 feet
  • Food: Reptile eggs, snakes, lizards.
  • Origin: Southeastern United States
  • Behavior: Non-venomous, secretive, and burrowing.
  • Breeding Season: Spring to early summer.
  • Famous for: Mimics venomous coral snakes with similar coloration.
  • Lifespan: 6-8 years in the wild.
  • Dangerous or Not: Not dangerous to humans.

6. Louisiana Milk Snake

Louisiana Milk Snake

Louisiana Milk Snake is similar to Scarlet Kingsnake, but it’s a little different in Color & length. The Scientific Name of this species is Lampropeltis triangulum aura & famous for its Gentle Nature. This Kindsnake is not harmful to Humans.

This southeastern US-origin Kingsnake is very excellent for Climbing trees. You Can quickly identify this King Snake by its appearance; it has a reddish-brown or tan body with dark brown or reddish-brown bands.

  • Name: Louisiana Milk Snake
  • Species: Lampropeltis triangulum amaura
  • Dimensions: Length up to 2.5 feet
  • Food: Small mammals, lizards, birds, eggs.
  • Origin: Southeastern United States
  • Behavior: Docile, mostly nocturnal, and agile climber.
  • Breeding Season: Spring to early summer.
  • Famous for: Resembling venomous coral snakes but harmless.
  • Lifespan: 12-15 years in the wild.
  • Dangerous or Not: Not dangerous to humans

7.Gray-banded Kingsnake

Gray-banded Kingsnake

Gray Banded Kingsnake is the Final number of King Snakes in Texas List. This Lampropeltis alterna species snake is The Most Beautifull Kingsnake I found in Texas.

The gray-banded kingsnake has a gray or blue-gray body with orange or black bands. The bands can be solid or broken, and a checkerboard pattern on the back. This Nocturnal KingSnake is Very aggressive for other snakes but not for Humans. It is Famous for its Attractive colors.

  • Name: Gray-banded Kingsnake
  • Species: Lampropeltis alterna
  • Dimensions: Length up to 3 feet
  • Food: Small mammals, lizards, birds, eggs.
  • Origin: Southwestern United States
  • Behavior: Nocturnal, terrestrial.
  • Breeding Season: Spring to early summer.
  • Famous for: Attractive colors.
  • Lifespan: 15-20 years in the wild.
  • Dangerous or Not: Not dangerous to humans.

Someone Said, “Snake & Human Can’t be a Friend anymore. ” Though this Quote is accurate but is also Considerable that ” They are not our enemy. That is Good if we Enjoy their Nature & Beauty. We shouldn’t Interfere in their Life. Let them Lide their Life with Thie Nature.

The 7 King Snakes we mentioned above have different & unique Natures & appearances. While some are shy, some are Noctarial; Some are Good Swimmer, and some are Cleaver Climber. But the Common thing is. No one is Harmful to Humans or Nature. That makes this Kingsnakes Valeable for our Nature.

Let Me Know How Much this article “7 Unique King Snakes in Texas” helps you to Expand Your knowledge or Already Know about them. It Would have been appreciated if You provided your Feedback in the Comment box.

FAQ on the Topic: 7 Unique King Snakes in Texas

In this Part of The article, I Provide some Public Question Answers to the topic of 7 Unique King Snakes in Texas. It will provide more Clarification.

Are there king snakes in Texas?

Yes, There are 7 species of King Snakes in Texas. They are: 

  1. Eastern Kingsnake (Lampropeltis getula getula)
  2. Speckled Kingsnake (Lampropeltis getula holbrooki)
  3. Prairie Kingsnake (Lampropeltis calligaster)
  4. Mexican Black Kingsnake (Lampropeltis getula nigrita)
  5. Scarlet Kingsnake (Lampropeltis elapsoides)
  6. Louisiana Milk Snake (Lampropeltis triangulum amaura)
  7. Gray-banded Kingsnake (Lampropeltis alterna)

Are Texas King snakes poisonous?

No, There are 7 species of King Snakes in Texas; no one is Poisonous Bu. They have the Ability to Eat Poisonous snakes.

Where are king snakes found in Texas?

The Biggest king Snakes in Texas are around 4 Feet Long,

Does Texas have cobras?

No, Texas does not have native cobras. Cobras are not native to the Americas but are primarily found in Africa and Asia.

What is the largest snake in Texas?

 Eastern Kingsnake is the Largest King snake in Texas at 4 feet Long. 

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